Saturday, May 23, 2009

Recital 2009

Gracie had her recital tonight, and she did an AWESOME job. Kris and I were so proud of her. This year we dropped ballet/tap and Gracie began doing cheerleading and taking a hip/hop class. We weren't sure how this would work out, being that she's only five, but she has soared this year. Gracie is a very hard worker---never gives up on anything. We had SO much fun tonight watching her perform. We had seen the cheer routine in San Antonio, but we had no idea what to expect with the hip-hop dance. Well let me tell you--sista can bust some moves!!! It was GREAT---Kris was very shocked. Our shy, sweet girl was gettin' down on that stage. HA!!! I think Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Bill and Papa Bryan were as shocked/impressed as we were.

Gracie gets to take a short break before she hits the grind again. Cheer try-outs are on the 6th. Then they will begin practicing in July so that they are prepared for competitions in the fall.

Little Miss Emily begins taking dance in August. Now that will be HILARIOUS!!!!

Gracie in her hip/hop gear, or as Kris and I call it--her "gangsta wear."

Strikin a pose!

My sweetie!!!!!!!!!


Laura said...

I can't believe you already got pics up. I'm so impressed. Gracie is an adorable gangsta. Your folks are amazing for making both recitals in one day!

Grandma Charlotte said...

You're right. She was absolutely awesome. I'm so proud of how hard she's worked this year. I am especially proud of her "team" spirit.