Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kris and his addiction....

Kris has been playing this online computer game, World of Warcraft, since November. He is addicted, and I SO enjoy making fun of him!!! He reached level 80 last week--the highest level you can reach. Tonight he and several other players got online at 5:30 so they could go on a group "instance." Don't ask--I have no idea other than they are fighting big creatures. Fun hu? (I have been making SOOOOOO much fun of him tonight!) These guys talk to each other over the computer. HUH---larious!!!!!! Anyway, tonight Emily came up to me and said, "Mommy, daddy is talking to his "pooter." Then she said, "Oh, brother." Too funny!!!! I totally agree with her.

( Here is Kris playing tonight. Feel free to make fun of him anytime you see him!!!)
On another note, my new dining table FINALLY came in this past week. Yay!!! We're almost done with the dining/sitting area of the house. All that's left is the trim around the floors and a few decorative things.
Emily says, "Good night!"

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Recital 2009

Gracie had her recital tonight, and she did an AWESOME job. Kris and I were so proud of her. This year we dropped ballet/tap and Gracie began doing cheerleading and taking a hip/hop class. We weren't sure how this would work out, being that she's only five, but she has soared this year. Gracie is a very hard worker---never gives up on anything. We had SO much fun tonight watching her perform. We had seen the cheer routine in San Antonio, but we had no idea what to expect with the hip-hop dance. Well let me tell you--sista can bust some moves!!! It was GREAT---Kris was very shocked. Our shy, sweet girl was gettin' down on that stage. HA!!! I think Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Bill and Papa Bryan were as shocked/impressed as we were.

Gracie gets to take a short break before she hits the grind again. Cheer try-outs are on the 6th. Then they will begin practicing in July so that they are prepared for competitions in the fall.

Little Miss Emily begins taking dance in August. Now that will be HILARIOUS!!!!

Gracie in her hip/hop gear, or as Kris and I call it--her "gangsta wear."

Strikin a pose!

My sweetie!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day-Part Two

Before I get started on how we spent Mother's Day, I have to say that this pretty lady was missed dearly today. We know she had a glorious Mother's Day in Heaven today with her mother. I can only imagine how wonderful that was for Maw.

Today Grandma and Grandpa came over for an afternoon snack of strawberry cheesecake and coke floats. The girls enjoyed giving Grandma all her "surprises" and swimming with Grandpa!!
Eating our snacks with grandma!!
Grandma opening her gifts. We LOVE her so much. She is an amazing mother/wife/grandma!!!

Swimming with Grandpa.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for spending the afternoon with us. We love you dearly!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day--Part One

Gracie gave me an early Mother's Day gift. She got some flowers for she and I to plant together. How sweet is that? We spent the afternoon planting them, watering them and praying that they don't die. HA!! They are planted in a planters box right outside our front door. Now the mail lady will have something pretty to look at when she delivers our mail!!

Swine Break

Well, due to the 'swine flu' our district got a nice little end-of-the-year break. I don't want anyone to be sick, BUT this break was AWESOME. Gave us a little glimpse on how we will spend our summer days!! We've had 10 days off from school!!! We head back Monday, and we only have 15 days left. WOO-HOO!!!! The weather has been beautiful this week. Here's a peek of some of the things we did:

Ate LOTS of watermelon!!!!Went to play with grandma so mommy could go to lunch with her friends.

Went swimming and, of course, had popsicles each time!
Slept late!!!!!

We can't wait for summer to be here!!!