Saturday, February 7, 2009

An early birthday present.....

Kris' birthday isn't until Tuesday, but I had to give him this early birthday present--a snuggie. (You know-the blanket with sleeves that they sell on tv.) He's made several comments about these so I HAD to get him one. Doesn't he look all happy and cozy?? And, guess what? When you buy one, you get another one FREE. You also get two FREE book lights. Just amazing isn't it??? HA

So, we both have our "snuggies" to keep us nice and warm. Ah, the little things in life!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

100th Day!!!

Happy 100th Day!!! School was so HILARIOUS today. Everyone looked CRAZY!!!!! Mr. Murray had a contest, and I won 100 dimes. WOO-HOO!!!!! My costume got lots of laughs. I was an old, obese granny who lost her dog. Come to find out--my dog was on my booty!!!! Who knew???? HA!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The 100th Day of School is tomorrow!!

And my outfit is rockin'!!!!! So much better than last year, in my opinion!!! I'm not the nice, cute grandma I was last year. I'm the confused, unattractive granny this year. HA!

I can't wait to see what everyone is wearing tomorrow. If it's anything like last year, it will be the most hilarious day of the year!!!!! I will definitely be posting some pics!!!

Off to go get my "accessories" ready. Enjoy your Monday night. The bachelor is on tonight--woo-hoo!!!