Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mother of the Year

So, after today I think I'm pretty close to earning that award. HA!!! Gracie went to the nurse at school because her "tummy hurt." I thought she was probably faking. She knows if she gets sick at school and has to go home--she goes to Grandma's house. Anyway, I had her stay in my room with me, and then after a while of pure boredom (I wouldn't let her do anything), she decided she felt better and went back to her class. Well, at the end of the day she told me her ear was hurting, and I just thought she was making it up. I was wrong. (This is where I'm really earning that MOY award.) We got home. She went to sleep. I ran to Wal-Mart, and while I was there Kris called. He said Gracie had woken up, and was crying/screaming telling him how bad her ear hurt. I came home. Gracie went to the Urgent Care Center in College Station. Come to find out, she has a SEVERE ear infection, bulging eardrum and all. Nice hu?? The doc gave her an antibiotic and numbing drops, and told us not to stop giving her Tylenol for a couple of days. Poor baby. She just got over being sick!!! So, I feel like a terrible mother. Her tummy was probably hurting because her equilbrium is way off--AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

We just put her to bed- 10:00 on a school night. Not good. Tomorrow is her Easter Party at school. She wants to go SO bad, so she is going to school in the morning and Grandpa is picking her up at 11:00, after her hunt. I hope she feels much better in the morning and can enjoy her hunt.