Saturday, October 25, 2008


We took the girls to pick out their pumpkins today at a little pumpkin patch in College Station. Gracie was very picky about which pumpkin she was going to choose. Emily thought it was amusing to throw the pumpkins. We explained to her that they are pretty pumpkins---not balls!!! They both ended up choosing two, and Emily HAD to take hers to bed with her tonight. Luckily she picked two small ones! Gracie picked a small one for home and a big one to take to school next week. Her class is doing some activities with their pumpkins on Halloween. What fun!

Check out these shirts...

Three blogs in one day. That's like a miracle for me!!!!!!

Anyway, check out these shirts I tie-dyed for my kids to wear to the Oil Ranch. I was pretty impressed---I figured they would come out all funky looking, but they didn't!!! WOO-HOO!!!!

Way to go Gracie!!

Here's a pic of Gracie on the day she received her i-Pod!!!

Emily's Favorite Things

Emily loves Curious George, and even more she LOVES stickers. She and George sat and played with stickers for 45 minutes the other day. Emily is such a sweet and funny little girl!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kindergarten Program

Our school website has a slide show of the Kindergarten Program. You'll see Gracie in the first few slides with her friend Jenna.

Here's the website:

Gracie came in fourth place in the PTO membership drive. She won an IPOD. I will try to post pics this weekend.

Monday, October 13, 2008

And so it begins.....

Well, Gracie has completed nine weeks of Kindergarten, and she is turning into such a big girl. In the past two months she has:

  • Been to her first slumber party, where they went and wrapped houses and spray painted the neighbor's dog.
  • Got her ears pierced. She begged Kris and I to let her do this, and she is SO proud of her new earrings.
  • Participated in the Kindergarten PTO Program, and got to say the Pledge of Allegiance in front of 200+ people with her friend Jenna.
  • Learned what a fundraiser is!!!! Our school is raising money for PTO right now, and Gracie is in second place. (She's earned 120.oo so far!!!!) It ends on Friday!
  • Joined competitive cheerleading. I really wanted her to stay in tap and ballet, but she just didn't enjoy it. So, Miss Lee Ann (her coach) talked me into putting her into competitive cheerleading. Gracie LOVES it!!! She had to practice for 7 hours in one weekend, and loved every minute of it. She was sad when it was over. And, you should have seen how excited she got when we were ordering he uniform, shoes, make-up, etc. this past weekend!!!

And Kris has learned in the last nine weeks that:

  • two little boys in Gracie's class "adore" her. You wouldn't believe the amount of flowers she gets!! LOL I think it's so precious, but Kris constantly reminds Gracie that she can't have a boyfriend until she's 25!!