Tuesday, February 3, 2009

100th Day!!!

Happy 100th Day!!! School was so HILARIOUS today. Everyone looked CRAZY!!!!! Mr. Murray had a contest, and I won 100 dimes. WOO-HOO!!!!! My costume got lots of laughs. I was an old, obese granny who lost her dog. Come to find out--my dog was on my booty!!!! Who knew???? HA!!


Grandma Charlotte said...

Well, dear - I'm so glad that I got to your house early today. Never had so much fun before 7:30 A.M. Love the pictures. All of "My Girls" looked marvelous! I have so much fun with the things all of you share with me. Life just keeps getting better and better in Navasota!!!!!!

Laura said...

Oh, Kheli, you really should work on losing some weight :) That costume was hilarious! I bet you've been thinking about that one for a while. Good stuff!