Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kris and his addiction....

Kris has been playing this online computer game, World of Warcraft, since November. He is addicted, and I SO enjoy making fun of him!!! He reached level 80 last week--the highest level you can reach. Tonight he and several other players got online at 5:30 so they could go on a group "instance." Don't ask--I have no idea other than they are fighting big creatures. Fun hu? (I have been making SOOOOOO much fun of him tonight!) These guys talk to each other over the computer. HUH---larious!!!!!! Anyway, tonight Emily came up to me and said, "Mommy, daddy is talking to his "pooter." Then she said, "Oh, brother." Too funny!!!! I totally agree with her.

( Here is Kris playing tonight. Feel free to make fun of him anytime you see him!!!)
On another note, my new dining table FINALLY came in this past week. Yay!!! We're almost done with the dining/sitting area of the house. All that's left is the trim around the floors and a few decorative things.
Emily says, "Good night!"


Laura said...

We were just talking about Kris's addiction yesterday. Hilarious!

That room wasn't always tile, was it? I like the table.

Grandma Charlotte said...

At least he's not hanging out in bars flirting with women! I think it's great that you have an opportunity to be amused and make fun of your hubby. You two guys are a hoot!!!!!