Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Need someone to discipline your children? We can provide help.

And the help's name is Emily LaBlue. She may only be 23 months, but she can do some discipline. Let me ellaborate----The other afternoon Gracie talked back to Kris. Yes, our sweet little girl talked backed to her daddy. A rare occasion. Anyway, Kris got on to her and told her how talking back was disrespectful and all that good stuff. And basically just told her that talking back was a big no, no. Well, Gracie then went to sit in Emily's room to watch something on Emily's tv. Well, Emily decided that Kris didn't "do enough." So, she took the discipline of our five year old into her own hands. She went to her doorway, knowing that Gracie was in her room, and looked at Gracie and said, "NO, NO!!!" and then closed the door, leaving Gracie alone in the room. Kris was about to pass out from laughter. Gracie did get a little mad at her, but then she laughed. Emily is a hoot!!! There's not a day that the girl doesn't do something to make us laugh.