Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A daughter, a niece, and the day I almost peed my pants!

In July, Beth, my sweet niece, came to stay with my mom and dad (grandma and grandpa) for the week. On one of those days I took Gracie and Beth to the movies, to eat, and to get their nails done. I had a blast, but the most memorable moment for me was at the nail salon. I was getting a pedicure and the girls were sitting at a table waiting for their nails to dry. Beth was on one side, Gracie on the other. You know--where you sit when they are doing your nails. Gracie was on the "manicurist" side. Beth was the one being manicured. Get that picture in your head. It's very important. They begin by just chatting with each other--so sweet. Well, then they decided to pretend they worked there. Also, this is a small salon and there were only two other ladies there. As they pretended to play I notice they were using "accents." Yes, accents, and it was HILARIOUS. Don't worry--no one got offended. They laughed and told me how precious they were, and to this day the lady still asks me EVERYTIME I go "Why you not bring your niece?" The girls left a lasting impression. Now I will provide a glimpse of the conversation---remember, they were using "accents."

Gracie: "Aw...you want you nails done today???

Beth: "yes, thank you."

switched roles

Beth: "What color you want.. We have lots of colors"

Gracie: "I want red, pink, purple, blue, and green."

Beth (when finished): "Aw...you like it, nodding her head."

switched roles

Gracie: "You want flower today?"

Beth: "Yes, that is very pretty."

Gracie: "Thank you. It costs you 20 80 dollars."

Oh, I do love these girls!!!!!!!


Laura Hale said...

Holy crap! That just add to the hilarity of their day with you. I love that they're so unhinhibited when they play. Priceless!