Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Grimes County Fair

This morning we loaded up and headed to the Grimes County Fair. We had some VERY sweet friends (Jennifer and Brandi) who asked Gracie and Emily if they wanted to help show their animals. Of course the girls wanted to. These girls LOVE animals. They were supposed to show pigs, lambs and goats. But, due to the HORRIBLE weather, they only showed pigs. They didn't seem to mind--though Emily REALLY wanted to show a lamb!!! (The pics aren't great. I used my "purse" camera.)

The girls were all decked out in their cowgirl gear. Emily was so excited to wear her "cow" boots.

Emily with her piggy trophy. She was so proud.

This pic is SOOO blurry, but it's the only decent one I got when Emily was showing. That girl was ALL OVER the arena!!! Poor piggy---Emily was not shy with the "whoopin' stick!!!!!"

Gracie did very well. Very CALM with the pig. She laughed because the pig got pee on her. HA!!! Brandi is in the black shirt. She was SOOO sweet to help the girls like she did.

We had SO much fun watching them!!


Laura said...

I can just picture Emily enjoying the whoopin stick. What fun for the girls!

the groves said...

So cute!

How fun is that?

Ha, Gracie looks so calm and Emily looks like she is ready to get that pig into shape! :)

Grandma Charlotte said...

I think it would be great if this could be an annual event for the girls. So much fun!!!! All of you are so lucky to have Brandi and Jennifer as friends; not forgetting all of those precious kids. Grandpa and I really had a good time. (Do we need a farm???)