Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Memory Boards

I finished my first craft for the summer today. I made memory boards for the girls and one for myself to have at school. I don't have a pic of Emily's because she was sleeping. I covered her board with a purple/white gingham fabric and I put a strand of ribbon at the top and bottom. (No feathers for Emily----Believe me, she would figure out a way to get them off that board!!!) Now I have to find some cute stuff to put on their boards..... Gracie's memory board--ignore the pillow falling off her top bunk. She and Emily spent some time up there playing today.

Here's my board for school. We're having the same "wild" theme next year. Not sure if I'll hang this in my room, on the door or in the hall. I have a name plate that matches to hang outside my door. I also haven't decided if I'm going to hang it by ribbon or put a hanger on the back. Oh, the decisions to be made. HA!


Laura said...

Very cute! I've seen things like that as bow holders, too. Granted, our girls have more bows than a board that size could hold :)

Grandma Charlotte said...

The boards are really cute. Girl, you have hit the summer running!!!