Friday, January 23, 2009

Here you go, Laura....

So, Laura did this Honest Blog thingy and linked me. I, am not blog savvy at ALL. So, I'll list 10 things, but I won't even attempt to do the cute pic or links---major damage may occur.

Anyway--here is some honest info. about me:

1. My mom had to tell me that Santa was not "real" in the sixth grade. Thank God she told me b/c Kris would sure be a busy, stressful man on Christmas Eve.

2. I will NOT use public restrooms unless it's an emergency. Nasty, Yuck, Gross!!!!! I NEVER used the restroom when I was in school. (K-12) Held it all day. Bad, I know.

3. I watch soap operas--The Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives. Yes, people make fun of me, but I don't care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. When I was little I always told my mom and dad that I wanted to be married so I wouldn't have to sleep by myself. I was scared to be alone in my room---mainly because of the things Kevin would do to scare me. TERD!!!!!!!!!!!

5. I will not eat in a Chinese restaurant. They freak me out. I'll only do take-out. I also will not eat from a buffet--yucky.

6. I ran up a HUGE phone bill when I was five because I kept calling the Easter Bunny.

7. I want to learn how to make soldered charms--I'm doing research on it right now, so maybe by summer I can start.

8. I LOVE scary movies. The scarier, the better.

9. Kris and I sponsor a child through Christian Children's Fund. Her name is Maria and she is six years old. She is absolutely precious.

10. I didn't pump a tank of gas in my car until I was 24. Dad or Kris always did it for me. But, when I was commuting from Conroe to Navasota I had to learn to do it.


Laura said...

I am totally not surprised that Kevin scared you. He does it to Beth and finds it hilarious.

I wondered if you had yet to pump your own gas. Good to know you can. :)

Thanks for doing this! I enjoyed learning more about you.