Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Fun!

Tonight we had so much fun making Christmas "treasures" with the girls. We began by making our cinnamon ornaments. (Mixing applesauce and cinnamon together.) The girls had so much fun playing with the dough, and then creating their masterpieces!! Emily thought it was a little yucky, so she decided to make a couple of ornaments and then color.

After the ornaments were made (well, in the process of drying) we made Christmas playdough. Gracie really enjoyed this. She was such a big help!!! She really liked adding the glitter--the girl is not shy with the glitter bottle!!!!! We ended up making four batches-enough for my kiddos at school to have a bag each. Gracie also insisted on making Grandma and Beth some bags too. I'm sure Grandma will be so thrilled!!! LOL

Kris and I had so much fun making all of these Christmas treasures with our sweet girls tonight. They are just growing up way too fast!!!!!


Laura said...

Love the new blog look!

Beth will be SOOOO excited for glitter playdough! Looks like great fun

Grandma Charlotte said...

I love the applesauce and cinnamon ornaments!!! I'm so pleased that you remember them as a little girl.
By the way - I am excited about the playdough!!!!!